Symbiotic Web Design standard packages

When it comes to website packages, we have a variety of options to chose from to meet your specific needs.

Individuals and SME’s

Complete Package

Our Complete Website Package deal comes with a domain name, up to 4000 words of content ghostwriting, an Extensive SEO Campaign, logo, six months of free hosting and administration, as well as any five CMS functionalities desired, such as slideshows, user logins and blogs, forums, photo albums, instant messaging, and many others.

Premium Package

Our Premium Website Package comes with a domain name, one years of hosting and maintenance, logo design, up to 6000 words of content writing, an In-Depth SEO Campaign, and up to eight CMS functionalities.

Basic Package

Our Basic Website Package includes a domain name acquisition, up to 2000 words of content writing, Basic Search Engine Optimization, logo design, with 6 months of free hosting and maintenance.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimization is one of the largest components of having a successful website. All our website packages come with at least the basic SEO package, which includes indexing with Bing, Yahoo, Google, inclusion in directories such as DMOZ,,, linking to Google Maps, and a complete meta-tag set-up with keyword specific content in the webpages.

E-Commerce Website Package for Retailers

This package is for store owners and retailers of products who will make the promise to deliver upon payment confirmation.

A fully customized, interactive and user friendly CMS such as PrestaShop or OpenCart, with logo and banner design, our Extensive SEO Campaign, 100 free product uploads with full content writing, PayPal Payment Method with secure shopping cart, one year of free hosting and CMS maintenance, a full tutorial in person and/or in writing, on how to access orders received, upload and/or update your products, their prices, their quantity in-stock, add new promotions, and so much more.

We also offer full website administration, including weekly/monthly website updating, on-going marketing and SEO campaigns, and more.

Contact us with details on your company and your products as outlined below so we can better determine the cost of the contract.

E-Commerce for Affiliate Marketing

We rarely create sites for individuals to utilize as a purely affiliate marketing website, but we do make exceptions.

Private Internal CMS for Families, Friends, and Groups

A place your family can call their Home online.

You can get your own personalized family/group website, which you and yours can utilize to create advanced user profiles, blogs, forums, photo albums, video albums of family events, and so much more. A way to stay in touch in your own private space, with a simple user interface that anyone can navigate, easy-click picture uploading, photo album creation, and content authoring of all kinds.

You can create pages for the public to view, if desired, or shut out any unknown traffic with a secure screen which only designated people can log into. Since only you and designated people can log-in, only you and your circle get access to the site’s user interface and CMS functionalities.

And if you have that computer savvy individual somewhere in your family who would like to learn a little bit more about Content Management Systems and how fun, easy, and versatile they really are, giving them full administrator privileges could prove a rewarding experience for them, and one that could really make your FamilyHomeOnline shine!

(we back up the databases regularly in case something goes horribly wrong ;-)

This basic package comes with a domain name, a personalized family/group crest/logo, a slide-show, as well as one year of free hosting and CMS maintenance.

*All our websites come with information on how to update the content yourself and administer the CMS in whatever capacity fits your interests and computer knowledge.

**After initial free hosting and maintenance term, the regular price of $15 per month applies. We assist our clients in all capacities if they wish to take over their server maintenance or transfer to another administrator’s servers.